“A dreamlike experience.”

“I highly recommend Ms. Gitty Leiner for speech services. Ms. Leiner has been working with my daughter for almost two years and she has done an amazing job!  Before seeing Ms. Leiner, I was taking my daughter to another speech therapist and saw no improvement.  After talking to Ms. Leiner about my concerns, I knew she was capable of helping my daughter.  Now, my 4 year old is extremely talkative and making friends in school.  Even her teacher has noticed an improvement in her speech!  Ms. Leiner is truly the best! She is experienced, intelligent and cares about children.  My 4 year old is constantly asking, “Mommy, when are we going to see Gitty? I miss her.”  Ms. Leiner is absolutely wonderful!”


“I can’t wait until my next visit!”

“I have been very pleased with the progress my 3 year old son has made in the past five months since he has been working with Gitty on his speech. He is speaking in longer sentences and his intelligibility has improved tremendously. He clearly enjoys his session with Gitty, looks forward to seeing her even tries to imitate her-he frequently shows us how to make certain sounds or pronounce words just as she does with him. Gitty’s methods are effective, fun and really stick with my son. It is great to see how proud he is when he pronounces a word correctly- he will show us how he made the “lollipop sound” and put his tongue on the roof of his mouth, which is something he had great difficulty with before he began speech therapy. I also appreciate the time that Gitty has taken to communicate with me and keep me updated on my son’s progress. I recommend Gitty Leiner without reservation to anyone with a child in need of speech therapy".



“I highly recommend Gitty Leiner. She has been a speech therapist for our son for the past two years and continues to work with him. Under her guidance, our son has made tremendous improvement on his speech skills. We have always found her to be dependable and of the highest professional character".

 - Nancy and Arnold


“Everything we wanted and more.”

“Gitty has been my daughter’s speech therapist since August 2009.  My daughter Georgiana had previously gone to another speech therapist for almost a year, I really hadn’t noticed much improvement.  I then discussed it with a friend who referred me to Gitty.  Gitty and I had an hour long telephone discussion and I immediately knew she was the person who was going to change my daughter’s life.  She started seeing Georgi immediately.  Within 2 weeks I saw a huge difference in my daughter’s pronunciation and behavior.  Within a month she was a much more confident little girl and her teachers actually told us she was “a different child”.  Georgi was now participating in class, engaging other children and being asked out for play dates.  Georgi began to exude confidence.  Georgi recently heard a GEICO commercial on television where Elmer Fudd speaks and she said “Mom, he should go to Gitty”.  Gitty is a dedicated brilliant woman who is strong but kind and one of the most dynamic people I have ever met in my life who has changed Georgi’s life.  When Georgi began seeing Gitty strangers couldn’t understand 75% of her speech, 6 months later children and strangers understand every word and her teachers tell me they think her speech is now perfect.   I think Gitty is destined for greatness in her field and would be an asset to any organization.   If she could only be cloned!”


“Without hesitation.”

"Without hesitation I recommend Gitty Leiner as a children's speech and language therapist. Gitty has provided speech therapy for all three of my children. Gitty’s work with my children included development and execution of exercises to improve oral motor and respiratory strength as well as articulation and clarity. She also helped my children to improve their social skills through board games and role-playing.  She was extraordinarily patient with all three children, and actively sought to keep them interested and motivated. I have known Gitty to be very reliable, conscientious, experience and professional. She always made time to speak with me about my children and therapy plans. We felt comfortable discussing our concerns with her, and have found her recommendations to be very helpful".

 -Laura and Andrew


“Stellar, professional service.”

“Gitty has been working with my son for two years. In the past two years he has made great progress. She works with him strengthening his oral motor, increasing expressive language and improving articulation skills. Gitty works very well with my son and always trying new things. She is very flexible with scheduling. I would highly recommend Gitty Leiner to anyone with children that have speech problems. We can not thank her enough”.



“Unlocked our son’s speech.”

“Our experience working with Gitty and the outcomes our son has achieved have been so wonderful that we wanted to take a moment to capture our thoughts for you.

Prior to our son engaging with Gitty he was making slow too little progress with other speech pathologists. Due to his inability to pronounce even the simplest sounds, we were unable to communicate verbally with him. However, in the nine short months that Gitty has been diligently working with him he has made tremendous, if not explosive progress. Owen is now a vibrant and expressive 5 year old who pronounces even the most complex words and sentence structures with both confidence and clarity. It has truly been a transformative experience with benefits far beyond the impressive progress he has made specific to his speech.  Owen is now reading aloud, tackling word problems as he excels in math and engaging in social activities that he shied away from previously due to a lack of confidence and inability to communicate with his peers.

Gitty is caring a compassionate. She creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for both her students and the caretakers involved. My wife and I could not be happier with the progress our son has made and fully realize that Gitty was the “key” to unlocking Owens’ inner communication skills through an individualized focus on his needs and partnership with our family to ensure the most integrated program both during and away from his sessions with her. We would recommend Gitty to anyone, knowing that her unique ability to engage with her students on a personal level combined with her innate passion position her to help even a child with the most complex speech issues, as has been the case with our son Owen”.

 -Brooke & Eric

“The children give a thumbs way up!”

“Ms. Gitty Leiner has provided speech therapy services for several children at our Center on the Upper East Side for over three years. She has been one of the therapists that we use consistently at the center. We have appreciated her commitment to the center and her wonderful work with the children at the center. I highly recommend Gitty Leiner as a children’s speech and language therapist".



“Wholeheartedly recommend.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Gitty for speech therapy. She made it fun and enjoyable for my six year old daughter to correct the sounds she was having trouble with. While speech therapy was not suggested by her teacher or doctor, we noticed that people sometimes had trouble understanding her words with various "th" and "r" sounds. We didn't like seeing her have to repeat herself to be understood and perhaps go through lower school being self conscious with her verbal communications. While she initially didn't take to going to therapy and would have preferred to go to the playground, Gitty made the lessons so much fun that when she was finished and her "th" and "r" sounds we're perfect she was sad to stop therapy and four months after therapy ended still talks about visiting with Gitty some more!”

 -Michelle & Bob M.

“My seven-year-old daughter, Elena, was having trouble pronouncing her "r's" and "l's." Gitty taught Elena how to position her tongue and use her lips to make the sounds accurately. After a few months, Elena's pronunciation greatly improved. And even though Gitty was focusing on English "r's", the awareness the therapy brought also helped Elena learn to roll the "r's" in her second language, Portuguese, which she had previously been unable to do. Now Elena can say "arara" and "Cinderella"! The warm, welcoming atmosphere of Gitty's office, with a treasure chest and Misty, an incredibly cute Maltese, made coming to therapy fun and relaxing.



“Complete and total confidence.”

“I am writing to recommend Gitty Leiner as a speech therapist. Gitty has worked with my daughter since September. In only six months, she shows great success with articulation as well as language. She engages her in activities that she enjoys and wants to do, and that keeps her motivated. Gitty is easy going, skilled, enthusiastic and a responsible person. Gitty is someone I can recommend with complete and total confidence".



“My son felt at home.”

I highly recommend Gitty for speech services. Initially, she worked with my son on his oral motor skills and quickly and successfully eliminated his drooling. Once she resolved this issue, my son began to speak in longer sentences. His articulation also improved dramatically so that he was able to master all of the necessary sounds. Gitty was open to suggestions and creative in varying his activities, incorporating early writing exercises and reading skills along with his speech therapy. Her warmth and humor made my son feel immediately at home. He eagerly attended his sessions. Gitty is an excellent speech pathologist.